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Daniel Wasson Tribute

"I would like to thank the family of Daniel Scott Wasson and Ginny Hungerford, the Aunt of Officer Wasson, who I have worked along side with since 1994 who supplied pictures and articles for this tribute."
On behalf of the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, I would like to express our deepest regards and sympathy to the family, friends and fellow officers of Officer Daniel Wasson. You gave the ultimate sacrifice. Daniel, you may be gone, but you will NEVER be forgotten. Rest in peace blue angel and thank you for your service.
    James A. Cortina




  Photos of Officer Daniel Wasson and K9 General

On Sunday April, 12, 1987, Officer Daniel Wasson who was serving the town of Milford, radioed a police dispatcher that he and his K-9 "General" were conducting a motor vehicle stop on the Boston Post Road in Milford, Connecticut.  During this routine motor vehicle stop, Officer Wasson was fatally shot by the vehicle's operator and was found at 2:45 a.m. lying on the side of the road by a passing motorist with a single gunshot wound to the chest. He had been gun down with a 44 magnum and was pronounced dead at Yale New Haven Hospital shortly after 3:00 a.m.  Officer Daniel Scott Wasson, age 25, was a dedicated police officer and K-9 handler serving the Town of Milford, Connecticut.  Since joining the police force on March 1, 1985, he had been commended three times for outstanding performance of duty.  He was a U.S. Air Force veteran and was engaged to be married at the time of his death.  General was retired from police service and adopted by Dan's family. Officer Wasson  is buried in Kings Highway Cemetery in Milford. Danny Wasson's locker number 43 remains empty to this day serving as a reminder to city police officers who suit up for work that their fellow officer made the ultimate sacrifice.

In 1993, The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, in cooperation with the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, established The Daniel Wasson Memorial K-9 Award.  These annual awards are chosen from line of duty deployments submitted by Connecticut police canine teams that exemplify the highest tradition of police canine law enforcement. 

Daniel Scott Wasson made the supreme sacrifice; it is in his memory that this award is bestowed upon a K-9 team each year for outstanding service.  The award plaque honoring Officer Daniel Wasson and the winners of this prestigious award is proudly displayed in the lobby of the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden, Connecticut. 

        Many, many thanks to the CPWDA and James Cortina, who have worked so very hard and have done a wonderful job in making this a memorable tribute to my nephew, Officer Daniel Scott Wasson, who has always held a very special place in my heart. Due to James Cortina's persistence and dedication, I was able to locate some more pictures for this tribute and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks Jim, You're special.

Ginny Hungerford


        I wanted to take a moment to thank Jim Cortina, the CPWDA and my Aunt Ginny for helping put together the tribute to Danny Wasson on your website. It is because of people like Jim, and groups like the CPWDA that my brothers name and memory will live on.


Ray Wasson


You are not forgotten........

Sgt Al Whitney

Yuma County Sheriff's Office, AZ


        I just wanted to say how I thank everyone who helped with this website. I love it ! I come to it a lot and see how much people care for my uncle.

Thank you

Nicole Wasson


On the anniversary of your death, I salute you for your service and honor you for your sacrifice.



Hello, I am the younger brother of Officer Daniel Wasson. I just wanted to thank you all for your hard work on this site. It is very touching too see that my brother is still remembered so many years after his death.  Thanks to all that have contributed to this page.  I wish you all the best.

Jeff Wasson


We grew up together, played Little League and High School ball together & umpired games together. You were someone who had a positive influence on my childhood and whom I admired and respected. I was in the Navy and away from home when I first heard of your death and I must say I was very shocked and saddened, it was if part of me had died as well. I think of you from time to time and know you are watching all of your fellow schoolmates and sports teammates. For who you were and what you stood for, I salute you. Until we meet again my brother.

Steve Romanoff

Childhood Friend


Rest easy, Officer Wasson. You have served your community well. Please watch over us as you walk a beat on Heaven's streets.

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." -- George Orwell

SSgt. Adam Kieth

U.S. Air Force Academy Police K-9 Unit


Rest well, Dan, You and your partner, K-9 General, will always be remembered and missed.

Sgt. M. Piscitelli - Dempsey

Milford, P.D. / fiancee


I live in NYC and upon visiting Milford, I saw officer Wassons' name on the little bridge near the Stone Bridge Restaurant & Library. I googled his name to find out what had happened to him. I couldn't believe such a young man was killed in a little town like this one. What an absolute senseless tragedy. May God bless him & his family.

Don Cummings


I knew Danny growing up in Milford, he was part of our group of friends, and although he was a year ahead of me we also attended grammar and high school together. I have many wonderful memories of him. He stopped at our house often when on duty to chat with my dad and talk about what was going on around town and to remember old times.

I currently live in Ohio, as do my parents so I dont visit home regularly, but I often think about Danny and the sweet guy that he was. He was an incredible man and his loss is still greatly felt all these years later.

I hope if his family reads this site they know that their son was loved and admired by many, and his honor and dedication to his work and family will always be something for them to take pride in.

I miss you Danny, but I cant think of a better Guardian Angel for those of us you left behind.

Kimberly Petro - Stair


I have visited the site many times and was happy to find a spot where I could say something about Danny.  Seeing the pictures of him there brings back so many memories of when we were young, and hanging out together.  We all loved him so much.

Our lives do go on, but because of people like you we never forget the people who touched them, and brought us joy the way Danny did.

Thank you for maintaining the site and for your help in keeping the memories of Danny alive for all of us. He would be Honored and Proud to leave this legacy.

I wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a Safe and Happy New Year!

Kim Petro - Stair


My Wife & I knew Danny very well. He was at our Home many times as a child playing with my Son Scott and all the other neighborhood Children. We live in Ohio now and everytime I see an Officer here I am reminded of Danny. He was a wonderful young Man and his Family can be proud of Him as I was to have known Him.

As an Officer of the Milford Police Dept. He gave his life serving the People of Milford and they should alway's remember and honor Him as an Officer and a fine young Man.

George V. Petro


I wanted to thank James Cortina, the CPWDA, and everyone that contributed to this site. Through my Aunt Ginny's work and your's you have guaranteed, my brother Danny has not died in vain, and that he will not be forgotten. I pray this site will be be a reminder to the citizens of CT. that we can not tolerate crimes like this. Thank you for everybody's support through the years.

Alan Wasson


Hello, I am one of Daniel's nieces. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this website to my uncle Danny. Even though I never met my uncle, it is a very poignant moment when I see this site. Thank you CPWDA and every one else who was involved with Daniel Scott Wasson for making these tributes!

Cassie Wasson


My son is a police officer in Milford and him and Dan used to spend some time around our house as youngsters. Dan, I know you're hearing us today, God bless you and your family, rest in peace knowing you are remembered and loved by many.

Joseph Dellamonica Sr.


Remembering Danny on the 20th anniversary of his death. He won't ever be forgotten.

Carol Codeanne Kupec, RN, BSN

Nurse Manager
Emergency Department
Saint Francis Hospital


On the 20th Anniversary of Danny's death, I want it to go on record that I will always remember him in a loving way, no matter how many years it has been. Danny was the type of person no one would ever forget for his sweet and caring nature.

Love to the Whole Family
Aunt Ginny Hungerford


I moved to Milford in April of 1990 and have lived here ever since. I recently was named the Head Football Coach at Foran High. One Of my Asst. Coaches Ryan Tobin has told me many wonderful stories about Dan. My only hope is that my young son Michael, can someday grow to be the man , that I now know Dan Wasson was. My regret is that I never met this wonderful unselfish and giving man. His legacy will live on my mind and heart. Thanks Ryan Tobin for telling me of this wonderful man. My Prayers and thoughts are with his family, friends and fellow officers.

Jeff Bevino


Thank YOU for maintaining the website.  It's a wonderful tribute.

Carol Codeanne Kupec


Thank you for being such a great officer and hero, Officer Wasson. Even after 20 years you are not forgotten. Rest peacefully while walking a beat on the streets of Heaven.





I didn't know you personally, but I met your brothers and some other members of your wonderful family this week as we honored the 20th anniversary of your end of watch (4/12/87) in DC. Through talking with your loved ones, I got a sense of who you were as a brother, a man, a co-worker and a friend. You were taken much too early from us! I know you were there with us in spirit and continue to be. Thanks for all did here on Earth and what you continue to do in Heaven. Cheers!

Liz Gall, wife of Det. Frank Gall, Milford, PD


Danny and I played little league football together for the Lions when we were in sixth grade. After the season I moved to Florida and never saw him again, yet strangely i still felt like we were teammates and friends. He was that kind of guy.

My sister was still living in Milford in '87 and she told me what happened. An absolutely senseless tragedy.

My prayers are with all of his family.

Will Reynolds


I was the first Wasson grandchild, and I have had to honor to see and participate in many ceremonies for you. It breaks my heart to know that I never had the chance to meet you. I just hope that you know how many wonderful people went to Washington to honor you, that no one will ever forget what you did. You are and always will be my hero, and thanks for being the best guardian angel a niece could ever ask for.

Love Always

Amanda Wasson


Dear Mr. Cortina,

 I had to tell you how sad it was to see your memorial site to officer Wasson. He sounds like a really fantastic person. Wish I knew him. I have five police officers in our family. What ever happened to the sob who  murdered this  man? I hope he didn't get away with it. Please let me know. 


Marty Rueter Sr.


HI…My name is Patrick Murphy. I grew up in Milford, and went to school with Danny and Ray Wasson. Played H.S. Soccer and spent a lot of time with Ray. This is the first time I have visited your site and was moved by the tribute to Danny. I wasn’t expecting it and it took me off guard. Thank you for putting that together. 


Patrick O. Murphy  

Greenwich, CT 06830


I was a mere 22 years of age when this happened. Although I did not know him I would like to say I am very sorry for your lost. He looked like a pretty good guy.



Jim, I compliment you on this wonderful tribute to Danny. I grew up with Ray and the entire Wasson family and always thought of them as great friends. Danny and I played baseball together at Foran High and I always looked to him as a role model and mentor. When Danny died, a little part of every Milford resident died. I've made it a point to tell my children all about Danny and what he meant to all of us. We're all better off for having known Danny. We'll never forget him.

Dave Leson


My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. I know your pain. Officer Wasson was a fine looking and very brave young man. May his service never be forgotten.

Cindy, Arkansas



Pat Van Den Berghe



While searching through the internet to provide my students with information regarding fallen officers, I came upon a web site dedicated to officer Daniel Wasson. Although it has been many years since officer Wasson’s death, I felt it important that my students and future officers understand the responsibility and sacrifices we as police officers make on a daily basis. I also want them to understand that although we loose friends and family in this job, they will never be forgotten. This is extremely important to me because Danny was my friend, my roommate and work partner when we served in the military. Danny and I lived together for 3 years, we laughed, partied and enjoyed many good times. I was heart broken when I learned that Danny died years ago, but he will never be forgotten. To his family, Danny was a good man terrific friend and honor to his country.

Thank you

Lieutenant Mark I. Brown


 I too remember the day Officer Wasson was gunned down!!! Such a horrible day in Milford History but also this day was noted as a remarkable memory of a wonderful and caring Officer. Daniel Wasson rest in Peace.

Jonathan Edmondson


Another year has passed and you are still admired and respectfully remembered in the hearts and minds of so many. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and friends on this anniversary of your EOW. You will never be forgotten.

James Sheppard
Father of Sgt. Jason L. Sheppard EOW 12/7/06


I served with Danny in the US Air Force. We were at Technical School together as we trained to become dental technicians. We dated back then and I was absolutely heart broken when I heard of his death. All these years later I found this website and I am thrilled to see a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. I think of Danny often and his sweet and gentle spirit always makes me smile. Rest peacefully huggie bear!

Commander Rhonda Johnson Plake


I sit here remembering my dad today who lost his life on this day. Then I remember Danny. We were part of the Pond Point Ave crew. We all hung out together. Danny was a so special to us all. He was simply the kindest, funniest and friendliest kid. I know we all share fond memories of Danny. I have the utmost respect for him and for what he did for this community. I'm know I am lucky to have known him he was a ..gift in my life. He was one of a kind, and will always be missed so deeply. Its almost nice to know there are two very special "angels" looking down on me.

Melissa Trembicki Aronson


Big Dan, I am sitting in an airport in Milwaukee thinking about you . I just logged onto Facebook..you probably dont know what that is ..well, maybe. Anyway, I was just reading all of the wonderful comments about you that many of your friends posted. I probably never told you this but I always wish and strive to be half the man that you were. I have my faults as we all do and I know I dont come close to the kind of strong, dedicated, couragous guy that you were. I sometimes put myself in your shoes that night and try to feel what you were feeling as you pulled that dirtball over and stared down at a 44 Magnum. It takes a hero to be out in the middle of the night, alone, trying to protect everyone , even when many people dont respect what police do everyday. You are a true hero to all . Love and miss ya brother.



Dan: Although I never had the honor of meeting you, it is clear from my encounters with the officers Milford Police Department that you were loved and respected, both as an individual and a professional. I feel I can speak for the entire fourth class of the Milford Citizens Police Academy in thanking you on this 24th anniversary of the end of your watch for your service and sacrifice.

Joseph Filakovsky


Officer Wasson,

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, your picture and poem written by former Chief Innamarato hang in my locker. I remember the early morning hours of April 12, 1987 like it happened yesterday, when my father woke me and told me he needed to go to work, I knew something was wrong. Many people's lives came unraveled in the next few hours. I ran into Ray not long ago and were able to talk for a few minutes. You are an inspiration to many and service is greatly appreciated. rest in peace.

Officer Flaherty
West Haven Police Department

Hi Danny,

It will be 25 years ago tomorrow, that you were shot and killed unnecessarily. The Milford Police department will be having a special dedication in your honor and your brother Raymond, who has always been there for you, along with your brother Jeffery and his daughter Amanda, who just became a police officer in NY, will be in attendance to celebrate you. It is very hard to believe how much time has passed, but you are and will always be remembered for the outstanding and wonderful young man that you were and you were loved by many. I can remember when you were born with all that beautiful blonde curly hair and blue eyes (my first nephew). I have special fond memories of you and all your brothers through all the holidays, especially during the Christmas holidays.
We love you and you will forever remain in my hearts.

Aunt Ginny and Uncle Stan


We were sitting on my front stairs just making conversation and the next day you were gone. I still can't believe this terrible incident took place. You are gone Danny but not forgotten by many People who knew you and loved you.

George V. Petro



I can't believe 25 years have come and gone since that fateful night you were taken from your family, your brother and sister officers, your friends and your community. I just want you to know what a pleasure it was working with you. RIP Danny. You will never be forgotten.

Kelly Walsh



Thank you for your service..............had read all the articles and have never forgotten you each year at this time. RIP



25 years...not forgotten for a moment. You are touching people's lives every day. A true hero.



Your heroism and service is honored today, the 25th anniversary of your death. Your memory lives and you continue to inspire. Thank you for your service. My cherished son Larry was a fellow police officer who was murdered in the line of duty on April 24, 2005 while serving as a Pittsburg, CA police officer.

Time never diminishes respect. Your memory will always be honored and reserved.

Ipray for solace for all those that love and remember you for I know both the pain and pride are forever. Your family is in my heart's embrace today. Thanks to your family and friends for sharing their memories and devotion to you through their reflection.

Rest in Peace

Phyllis Loya

Mom of fallen California Officer Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PD, eow 4/24/05


Danny, Ijust spent a couple of days at your police department working with MPD on some survival training. Ialso had the great pleasure of getting to know Missy. She took me to your grave, andshowed me the many, many, many ways that your sacrifice is remembered by the department and the community. You are truly not forgotten brother. Missy and MPD keep your memory very much alive.

Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (ret)

Naperville, IL PD


Ain't to many days I don't think about you Danny boy. Hope all is well in heaven my man, and one day we shall meet again. Hopefully there is beer, nice cabin by the lake and plenty of good weather their. I'll bring a football. Later Bro.

Lt. Mark J. Brown

former military roommate


Never had the opportunity to meet Officer Wasson, but was honored to receive the Danny Wasson K9 Award through the Connecticut State Police Canine Academy in December 1994. Everytime I drive onRoute 95 and see the signs for Milford, Connecticut, I think of Officer Wasson. Come to find out we had three things in common, the love for the US Air Force, Law Enforcement and working with canines. I'm approaching my 29th year in military, AF Security Forces. Danny, you will always be remembered by me and someday we'll have the opportunity to meet. I look forward to it. Respectfully.

Master Sergeant Brian Sedgley

143 Security Forces Squadron


Thinking of Danny Wasson today, 26 years..Forever in our Hearts, Never Forgotten, He will always be our Blue Angel, and our Hero.

Kimberly Petro Stair


I went to Elementary with officer Daniel Wasson and he was such a great guy. Even as a young boy he was liked by everyone. RIP Dan we will never forget you.

Douglas M. Dupuis


Just saw the image of Officer Piscitelli saluting Officer Wasson's coffin in a November 1987 photography magazine. The loss is papable on her face. As a member of the LE community, Iextend my condolences even 26 years later. May we never forget.

Sarah Foster




I just had the pleasure of meeting your brother Ray. It didn't take long for us to realize that we had a lot in common, especially K9'S. He shared your story with me and one of my brothers in blue. He showed us several great pictures of you and your partner General. He was very proud of you both. I wished I had the chance to meet you. Brother, you are not forgotten!

Inspector Jason O'Brian

Vermont Dept of Motor Vehicles


RIP Brother

Howard Parmelee


RIP Brother

Officer Michael Beutel

West Haven Police Department


Another year has passed, always in our thoughts.

Det. Flaherty

West Haven Police Department


30 years ago today.. never forgotten

Teresa La Marca

April 12, 2017


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