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K-9's That Died While Still In Service   
Police officers that have lost their K9's in the line of duty and
who would like to have their K9 partner added to the list,
please contact James A. Cortina ( Please include documentation ). 
The list below is a list of K-9'S that died while in service only.

A canine officer and his K9 share good friendship and become great co-workers with a unique bond of loyalty that is impossible to describe. When an officer loses his K9 partner it can be devastating for the officer and his family and marks the end of an intense relationship that many say defies description. This list below is dedicated to these special K9’S, some who have died protecting their partner or protecting their community. Services for these fallen K9’S draw leaders, citizens and uniformed handlers. Fire trucks cross their ladders, bagpipes and taps are played, black ribbons are worn across badges, wreaths and American flags are displayed… a fitting farewell for an officer of the law. 

This list serves as a tribute to these special K9’S and also as a reminder to the dangers they face every day and lastly for their human partners to view these statistics and increase the safety of coming home together to enjoy another day of working with each other.


Thank you to all who help contribute data. 

In alphabetical order by state abbreviations where K9 died.


TOTAL  2,839


CAVIK San Francisco, CA Internal Bleeding

2017 (Total 188 )

RICO Alaska State Police Shot / Hostile Gunfire
MARSHAL Wasilla, AK Cancer
LUKY Hot Springs County, AR Ruptured Diaphragm / Blunt Force Trauma
FLAK Jonesboro, AR Bone Cancer
ARCO Little Rock, AR Cancer / Euthanized
CYRUS Kingman, AZ Brucellosis / Euthanized
CHICO Mesa, AZ Cancer / Euthanized
RIGZ Tucson, AZ Unknown
INDY Fresno, CA Struck By Vehicle
JACK Hemet, CA Cancer
JAX Milpitas, CA Unknown
IVAN Riverside, CA Unknown
APOLLO Roseville, CA Natural Causes
JAX Sunnyvale, CA Stabbed
KAYTU Tulare, CA Unknown
KAR Walnut Creek, CA Unknown
JASON Boulder County, CO Bloat
DRAGON (MWD) Fort Carson, CO Cancer / Euthanized
HUNTER Middletown, CT Liver Cancer / Euthaniized
KILLIAN Middletown, CT Cancer / Euthaniized
ST. MICHAEL Newtown, CT Cancer
ZEUS North Haven, CT Cancer / Stomach
HENK Mliford, DE Unknown
PEDRO Broward, FL Shot / Hostile Gunfire
EDO Charlotte, County FL Struck By Vehicle
ZEUS Fort Myers, FL Cancer / Euthaniized
HOOCH Jacksonville, FL Unknown
REMY Lakeland, FL Cancer / Euthaniized
COLE North Palm Beach, FL Surgery
FRECKLES Okaloosa County, FL Heat Exhaustion
JESSIE Orlando, FL Natural Causes
JAX Port Orange, FL Unknown
DIESEL Sebastian, FL Heat Exhaustion
NERO Adairsville, GA Struck By Vehicle
KENZO Bibb County, GA Unknown
RECON Douglasville, GA Cancer
DUKE Floyd County, GA Cancer
KYRO Houston County, GA Shot / Friendly Fire
PALOMA Jenkins County, GA Unknown
FREDY Thomson, GA Spinal Injury / Euthanized
IVAN Coralville, IA Cancer / Euthanized
ROOK Ada County ID Unknown
DASTY Boise, ID Cancer
KINA Caribou County, ID Natural Causes
EDDIE Alsip, IL Cancer / Euthanized
DRAGO Cook County, IL Heat Exhaustion
KID Macom County, IL Seizure
ARIES St. Charles, IL Fluid Bilt Up
BOSS St. Clair County, IL Bloat
DEGEN Wood River, IL Cancer / Euthanized
CAMO Indiana State Police Degenerative Myelopathy / Euthanized
DARRO Brownsburg, IN Struck By Vehicle
MOJO DeKalb County, IN Heat Exhaustion
NICO Lebanon, IN Struck By Vehicle
OZ St. Joseph County, IN Cancer / Euthanized
ZIVA Coffeyville, KS Unknown
BIZ Dickinson County, KS Struck By Vehicle
ROOSTER Wichita, KS Shot / Hostile Gunfire
KANE Bell County, KY Struck By Vehicle
BANE Louisville, KY Natural Causes
ROSCOE Crowley, LA Shot / Hostile Gunfire
MAX (MWD) Fork Polk, LA Unknown
TURBO Grant Parish, LA Brain Tumor
DASTY Arlington, MA Unknown
BRONSON Boston, MA Unknown
KODA Brockton, MA Unknown
IVAN Essex County, MA Unknown
AXE Franklin, MA Unknown
JORI Great Barrington, MA Bloat
ROCKY Lublow, MA Cancer  / Spleen / Euthanized
RONY Plymouth, MA Unknown
THOR Salem, MA Choked On Chicken Bone
GEOX Tewksbury, MA Cancer  / Spine / Euthanized
CHARON Wilbraham, MA Unknown
JET Pocomoke, MD Struck By Vehicle
TRON Prince George County, MD Cancer
BLEK Queen Anne's County, MD Seizure
BEAR Casper, ME Unknown / Euthanized
GUNTHER Old, Orchard Beach, ME Unknown
PIVOT Maine State Police Unknown
ORI Antrim County, MI Struck By Vehicle
RANGER Forest Lake, MN Heart Attack
RAY Houston County, MN Struck By Vehicle
FIGO Farmington, MO Unknown
TUNDRA Jasper County, MO Cancer / Esophagus, Stomach / Euthanized
ARGO Normandy, MO Fall
PUNTER Perryville, MO Unknown / Euthanized
REX Hinds County, MS . Natural Causes
ARON Lauderdale County, MS Heat Exhaustion
BOY Richland, MS Unknown
GUNNER South Haven, MS Heat Exhaustion
CHASE Lenoir, NC Unknown
STITCH Chapel Hill, NC Unknown
CONAN Macon County, NC Cancer  / Prostate / Euthanized
SHREK Morganton, NC Hips / Euthanized
DAN Randolph County, NC Cancer / Euthanized
IKE Rowan County, NC Stroke
ODIN Troutman, NC Cancer
CHRIS Yancey County, NC Shot / Hostile Gunfire
LUNA Bismarck, ND Cancer
NIKO Dickinson, ND Bloat
ROCKNE Grand Island, NE Kidney Failure / Euthanized
KANE Otoe, NE Unknown
MAX Lebanon, NH Cancer / Euthanized
BOOMER Atlantic City, NJ Cancer / Stomach
DEUCE East Greenwich Township, NJ Internal Bleeding
HANNAH Millville, NJ Unknown
BLADE Edina, MN Cancer
RAY Las Cruces, NM Surgery / Cancer
SITA Buffalo, NY Unknown
WAZI Cheektowage, NY Cancer / Heart
WILL New York State Police Shot / Friendly Fire
REGIN North Tonawanda, NY Cancer / Euthanized
HAWK Rochester, NY Natural Causes
MIKY Saugerties, NY Unknown
JAEGER Ada, OH Struck By Vehicle
DIABLO Crestwood, OH Cancer / Spine
EKKO Eastlake, OH Unknown
DINO Green Township, OH Unknown
JUNIOR Pataskala, OH Unknown
ARON Pickaway, OH During Emergency Stomach Surgery
BAK Shaker Heights, OH Cancer
OKTANE South Euclid, OH Cancer
BENY Owasso, OK Unknown
ZENA Stillwater, OK Bloat
HOOCH Tulsa, OK Unknown
BLEK Eugene, OR Struck By Vehicle
ODIE Hillsboro, OR Cancer / Euthanized
BILLY Hillsboro, OR Vehicle Crash
BRUNO Keizer, OR Bacterial Infection
RICO Portland, OR Swallowed Foreign Object/ Euthanized
MAGNUM Cumberland County, PA Cancer
RONY Greencastle, PA Struck By Vehicle
VEGAS Huntingdon, PA Natural Causes
MIXO Pittsburgh, PA Unknown
NIKO Poconos, PA Unknown
ABBY Jamestown, RI Cancer
LENNY Columbia, SC Bloat
DOKI Jasper County, SC Heat Exhaustion
FILIP Lake City, SC Unknown
TOSCA Richland County, SC Seizure / Euthanized
CZAR Pine Ridge, SD Unknown
LUCY Bradley County, TN Struck By Train
CAIN Crossville, TN Stabbed
REN Greene County, TN Struck By Vehicle
ARON Jackson, TN Cancer
BLITZ Austin, TX Cancer
KIM Bay City, TX Struck By Vehicle
RUDIE Brownsville, TX Bloat
EROS Edinburg, TX Cancer
MARKO Graham, TX Spleen
ENDY Cache County, UT Heat Exhaustion
DINGO Millcreek, UT Shot / Hostile Gunfire
CZAKO Alleghany, VA Cancer
DUKE Newport News, VA Intestinal Torsion
HAMMER Newport News, VA Dental Surgery
MOE Virginia State Police Unknown / Euthanized
BRICK Bellingham, WA Torsion In Blood Vessels
REIGN Chehalis, WA Unknown
FRITZ Cowlitz County, WA Unknown
NUKE Monroe, WA Intestinal Disorder
ISKO Republic, WA Cancer
KILO Black River Falls, WI Heart Murmur / Euthanized
DAGGER Franklin, WI Training Injury
FEIT Green Bay, WI Unknown
MINK Jefferson County, WI Bladder Tumor
ECHO Green Bay, WI Bloat
GROUSE Ceredo, WV Seizure
TITAN Martinsburg, WV Cancer / Euthanized
WACO Quennsland, Australia Heat Exhaustion
SABRE Quennsland, Australia Lung Cancer / Euthanized
JERU Quennsland, Australia Struck By Vehicle
FURY British Columbia, Canada Surgery
KASH Toronto, Canada Unknown
REBEL Vancouver, Canada Unknown
TITAN Waterloo, Canada Unknown
TIKA Winkler, Canada Unknown
KYLE Nottinghamshire, England Unknown
AMINIKA Burhapahar, India Explosion / IED
CRACKED Chhattisgarh, India Explosion / IED
MEGA Kerala, India Unknown
MICHAEL Yangon, Myanmar Bloat
SAN MI Tanintharyi, Myanmar Heart Attack
GRIZZ Auckland, New Zealand Shot / Friendly Fire
HADES Wellington, New Zealand Cancer / Euthanized
SAM Aberdeenshire, Scotland Vehicle Crash, Euthanized

2016 (Total 185 )

BAK Helena, AL Cancer
HELO Alaska State Police Shot / Hostile Gunfire
HONOR Benton, AR Unknown
ARES Benton, AR Unknown
LINA Madison County, AR Heat Exhaustion
AMIGO Kingman, AZ Heat Exhaustion
LARA Ore Valley, AZ Unknown
LYKA Alameda, CA Spinal Injury / Euthanized
TY California City, CA Broken Back
WARCO Fremont, CA Auto Immune Dysfunction
SONY Fresno County, CA Bloat
ZEUS Indio, CA Cancer
CREDO Long Beach, CA Shot / Friendly Fire
AXEL Merced, CA Bloat
IDOL Porterville, CA Heat Exhaustion
JOJO San Bernardino, CA Unknown
FRANK Sonoma County, CA Lymphoma
JAG Twin Rivers, CA Struck By Vehicle
BRUNO Brookfield, CT Spinal Injury / Euthanized
JASPER New London, CT Hips
CYRUS Trumbull, CT Unknown
THOR Wethersfield, CT Internal Bleeding
ROBBIE Alachua County, FL Heat Exhaustion
QUANTUM Aventura, FL Surgery
TITAN Brooksville, FL Cancer / Euthanized
DAX Okaloosa, FL Cancer / Euthanized
OZZY Orlando, FL Cancer
HENNY Palm Beach County, FL Surgery
KUDA Sarasota, FL Cancer
BILLY Sebring, FL Heat Exhaustion
FOREST Volusia, FL Shot / Friendly Gunfire
INCA Cherokee County, GA Heat Exhaustion
TRYKO Doraville, GA Set Backs From Stabbing
FALCO Habersham County, GA Fire
DEEK LaGrange, GA Unknown
ELKO Lawrenceville, GA Cancer
BAK MARTA Police, GA Unknown
PLUTO Union City, GA Unknown
HAWK Clinton, IA Cancer
ARNO Bannock County, ID Heart Attack
ROSCOE Boise, ID Vehicle Crash
JARDO Boise, ID Shot / Hostile Gunfire
ARCHIE Bloomington, IL Cancer
CAPONE Carlinville, IL Natural Causes
BOB Chicago, IL Cancer / Brain
RACHEL Chicago, IL Cancer / Spine
MALO Macon County, IL Natural Causes
BLITZ Montgomery County, IL Heat Exhaustion
NAUTIC Rantoul, IL Unknown
QUINTY Urbana, IL Unknown
LANDO Winthrop Harbor, IL Unknown
LEO Carmel, IN Congenital Defect
DYZIO Clinton County, IN Unknown
ANDRE Elwood, IN Unknown
DIBO Hamilton County, IN Heart Cancer / Euthanized
KILO Indiana State Police Unknown
ROCKY Indianapolis, IN Natural Causes
BRAVO Indianapolis, IN Kidney Failure
EROS Madison, IN Bloat
AREN Plainfield, IN Unknown
KAYOS Russiaville, IN Cancer
TYSON Fountain County, IN Heat Exhaustion
BUCK Whitestown, IN Cancer  / Brain
MAVERICK Topeka, KS Seizure
POCKO Mt. Sterling, KY Cancer / Euthanized
NIKO Louisiana State Police Cancer
DUKE Richland Parish, LA Heat Exhaustion
SARGE Slidell, LA Heart Tumor
REX St. Tammany Parish, LA Heart Attack
MIK Middlesex, MA Unknown
MATTE Orange, MA Lung Cancer
BODI Anne Arundel, MD Cancer / Euthanized
NARCO Calvert County, MD Natural Causes
NICKO Ingram County, MI Colonic Torsion
GOLIATH Van Buren County, MI Cancer
SABER Wright County, MN Cancer / Ruptured Tumor / Internal Bleeding
SARA Licking, MO Struck By Vehicle
JOEY Osage, MO Spleen
ADAM Salem, MO Unknown
ARAS St. Charles County, MO Liver Cancer / Euthanized
ZAR St. Louis, MO Cancer / Spleen / Euthanized
CARRIS Pearl, MS Struck By Vehicle
CANON Ridgeland, MS Natural Causes
KYRA Simpson County, MS Cancer
ALEC Tupelo, MS Struck By Vehicle
KEVIN (MWD) Camp Lejeune, NC Cancer
DAG Cornelius, NC Unknown
DIESEL Kannapolis, NC Heart Attack
PAYNE Pembroke, NC Shot / Hostile Gunfire
BAKS Randolph County, NC Cancer / Euthanized
KOA Fargo, ND Leg Injury / Euthanized
KOBUS Omaha, NE Shot / Hostile Gunfire
BOOMER Cumberland County, NJ Cancer / Euthanized
AXL Egg Harbor, NJ Degenerative Bone Disease
NERO Mercer County, NJ Unknown
BLAZE Sussex County, NJ Natural Causes
LORCAN Union County, NJ Cancer
TYSON New Hampshire State Police Cancer
BORIS Las Vegas, NV Unknown
NICKY Las Vegas, NV Shot / Friendly Fire
AMIS Washo, NV Natural Causes
ERNY Onondaga, NY Cancer
JAKE Orange County, NY Cancer
VAKI River Head, NY Neurological Infection
SCOOTER Rockland, NY Internal Bleeding
SUKI Westchester County, NY Heat Exhaustion
JETHRO Canton, OH Shot / Hostile Gunfire
EURO Columbus, OH Natural Causes
ARGO Gallia County, OH Kidney Disease
SEGER Mount Gilead, OH Cancer / Euthanized
UGANDA Perkins Township, OH Blood Clot / Surgery For Bloat
COLT Stow, OH Cancer
YUKON Waynesfield, OH Tumor
DASH Broken Arrow, OK Brain Tumor / Euthanized
BAK Duncan, OK Heat Exhaustion
COBUS Purcell, OK Unknown
BLACKJACK Wilson, OK Degenerative Medical Condition
WOMBAT Woodward, OK Bloat
NIXWA Otis, OR Shot / Hostile Gunfire / Attacked People
DAGO Springfield, OR Pancreas
TOTTI Bellefonte, PA Heat Exhaustion
JACK Catasauqua, PA Tumor
AXEL Findlay, PA Natural Causes
GRIZ Hazleton, PA Infection
PETRO Springettsbury, PA Cancer / Euthanized
AREN Wilkinsburg, PA Stabbed
ENZO Coventry, RI Natural Causes
BROCK Rhode Island Dept. of Corrections Heart Attack
BORIS Rhode Island State Police Natural Causes
FOX Greenville, SC Unknown
ROBBY Richland County, SC Cancer / Euthanized
DEXTER Westminster, SC Struck By Vehicle
DERRO Loudon County, TN Unknown / Euthanized
VIGOR Monroe County, TN Drowned
TITAN Montgomery County, TN Gastric Dilatation Volvulus
KILO Whiteville, TN Heat Exhaustion
BRUNO Amarillo, TX Ran Into Tree
MOJO Alington, TX Heat Exhaustion
NICKY Beaumont, TX Unknown
LEDGER Cotulla, TX Heat Exhaustion
GINO Denton, TX Unknown
LAZER Falfurrias, TX - U.S. Border Patrol Heat Exhaustion
PAXO Fort Worth, TX Unknown
MIRKO Harris County, TX Heart Attack
ZEKE Ranger, TX Unknown
REX San Juan, TX Heat Exhaustion
OGAR Smith County, TX Shot / Hostile Gunfire
CHICO Williamson County, TX Drowned
ROSSKO St. George, UT Bloat
ALDO Unified, UT Shot / Hostile Gunfire
DIESEL Hampton, VA Cancer
KRIJGER Norfolk, VA Shot / Hostile Gunfire
TEX Petersburg, VA Bloat
BETCHA Danby, VT Struck By Vehicle
REEFER Chelan County, WA Struck By Vehicle
CREMA Seattle, WA (U.S. Coast Guard) Kidney Failure
PATRICK Washington State Police Bloat
BLITZ Barron, WI Cancer
MARLEY Brown County, WI Cancer
COP Green Bay, WI Unknown
HARDY Janesville, WI Cancer / Spleen
KLAUS Kenosha, WI Cancer / Liver / Euthanized
UTOS Marion, WI Heart Condition / Euthanized
BELLA West Virginia University, WV Cancer
CHUCK Australia Natural Causes
MAVERICK Hamilton, Canada Unknown
HELO Nova Scotia, Canada Ingested Rocks & Rope
ARES Orangeville, Canada Natural Causes
DIESEL Victoria, Canada Unknown
DUKE Gloucestershire, England Natural Causes
FALCO Lincolnshire, England  Killed Dog & Attacked Person / Euthanized
GHOST Merseyside, England Struck By Vehicle
? Middlesbrough, England Attacked Person & Handler / Euthanized
REBUS Nottinghamshire, England Struck By Vehicle
? Bihar, India Unknown
? Bihar, India Unknown
ARJUN Rayalaseema, India Natural Causes
RAMZIS Pagegiai, Lithuania Shot / Hostile Gunfire
GAZZA Porirua, New Zealand Shot / Hostile Gunfire
YODA Tauranga, New Zealand Unknown
GERALDINE Butuan, Philippines Tetanus
FANCY Durban, South Africa Cancer
FIONN Kempton Park, South Africa Poisoned
DOZER KwaMadlala, South Africa Stabbed
ALDO Malmo, Sweeden Degenerative Medical Condition

2015 (Total 169 )

REBA Alexander, AL Gastronintestinal
MASON Gulf Shores, AL Heat Exhaustion
CLIP Jemison, AL Struck By Vehicle
NERO Selma, AL Cancer
VOX Bay, AR Shot / Hostile Gunfire
SAXON Clinton, AR Bloat
TITUS Little Rock, AR Heat Exhaustion
ZASSKO Phoenix, AZ Cancer
KAIN Angels Camp, CA Infection
NIKO Fontuna, CA Seizer
KALIMERO Fremont, CA Bloat
CARSON Montebello, CA Cancer / Euthanized
GILLEY Rialto, CA Cancer
JOJO San Bernardino, CA Unknown
SULTAN San Jacinto, CA Shot / Hostile Gunfire
PAVO Santa Monica, CA Unknown
DUKO Pomona, CA Cancer / Liver / Euthanized
NITRO Stockton, CA Heat Exhaustion
FOXY (MWD)  U.S. Naval Base - Ventura, CA  Unknown
FOROAN Florence, CO Allergic Reaction / Medication
FLASH Jefferson County, CO Cancer
NEECKO Branford, CT Bloat
GUNNAR Connecticut State Police - Troop K Struck By Vehicle
MORGAN Federal Protective Service, CT Cancer
LEX Mashantucket, CT Cancer / Euthanized
JOLLY (MWD) U.S. Naval Sub Base - Groton, CT  Cancer / Euthanized
ZEUS Citrus County, FL Bloat
CHAR Flagler, FL Attacked Officer / Euthanized
INDY Fort Myers, FL Gastrointestinal
NALA Havana, FL Cancer/ Pancreatic / Euthanized
JIMMY Hialeah, FL Heat Exhaustion
HECTOR Hialeah, FL Heat Exhaustion
IGOR Kissimmee, FL Heat Exhaustion
NERO Oviedo, FL Cancer / Euthanized
KIMBO Polk County, FL Cancer
HERTA Byron, GA Bloat
ZANE Conyers, GA Heat Exhaustion
REX Habersham County, GA Cancer / Euthanized
BASTON Savannah, GA Heat Exhaustion
RIKO Valdosta, GA Cancer / Euthanized
HARRY Audubon, IA Vehicle Crash
JENKS Cedar Rapids, IA Unknown
REMCO Sioux City, IA Cancer / Liver, Spleen, Stomach 
NIKKI Tama, IA Cancer / Lungs / Euthanized
BARRY University of IA Unknown / Euthanized
GASPER Bridgeview, IL Cancer / Stomach / Euthanized
KAHVO Charleston, IL Digestive / Euthanized
SARI Monroe County, IL Natural Causes
TRUMAN Anderson, IN Cancer / Euthanized
FORREST Clay County, IN Natural Causes
BUDDY Crown Point, IN Cancer
RIDDIK Salina, KS Unknown
BISHOP Flatwoods, KY Chronic Bacterial Fungus
SAMU (MWD) U.S. Army - Fort Campbell, KY Cancer
KWINTA Fulton County, KY Heat Exhaustion
CAR Braintree, MA Cancer
ZAR Duxbury, MA Unknown
GROM Springfield, MA Ran Into A Stick
ALI Weymouth, MA Natural Causes
DINGO Baltimore, MD Heat Exhaustion
KOJACK Baltimore, MD Heat Exhaustion
BELLA Maryland Correctional Fire
HUNTER Montgomery County, MD Cancer / Euthanized
INEZ ( Arson K9 ) MD Unknown
CHICO Lewiston, ME Unknown
ZANDO Blackman-Leoni Township, MI Cancer / Pancreas / Euthanized
REGGIE Morrice, MI Struck By Vehicle
GASK South Haven, MI Bloat
HONDO Three Rivers, MI Cancer
MAJOR Anoka, MN Unknown
DUTCH Minneapolis, MN Choked On Ball
TREXX Gideon, MO Poisoned
DAX Lebanon, MO Struck By Vehicle
BODO St. Charles, MO Cancer
CHEWBACCA Hancock County, MS Snake Bite
SOLO Morton, MS Cancer / Euthanized
WILFREED Ocean Springs, MS Irritable Bowel Disease
GUNNER Avery County, NC Dog Fight
MONCEY Brunswick County, NC Cancer / Spleen
MAKO Shelby, NC Dog Fight
RAMOS Thomasville, NC Cancer
JONTAR Dakota, NE Bacterial Infection
KONY Lincoln, NE Cancer / Euthanized
MOJO Omaha, NE Unknown
RUDY Saunders County, NE Natural Causes
ZERO Camden, NJ Natural Causes
FALKO Monmouth County, NJ Lung Cancer / Euthanized
ATOS Ocean County, NJ Cancer
AXLE Washington Township, NJ Cancer / Euthanized
OZZY Auburn, NY Seizures
TAJA Horsehead, NY Unknown
ARCHER Long Island, NY Unknown
HOGAN Saratoga, NY Bloat
BRONSON Akron, OH Cancer / Liver
RYDER Athens, OH Fire
ROBBY Cleveland, OH Blood Disease
MARCO Dayton, OH Unknown
UDET Franklin County, OH Struck By Vehicle
BELLA Marion, OH Struck By Vehicle
GUNNER Middletown, OH Fire
SINTA Northridgeville, OH Cancer / Euthanized
FALCO Toledo, OH Shot / Hostile Gunfire
KASH Warren County, OH Cancer / Euthanized
HAMMER Williams County, OH Cancer
ZEKE Muldrow, OK Heat Exhaustion
SARGE Tulsa, OK Cancer / Euthanized
NEEKO Coos County, OR Vertabrae / Pinched Nerve / Euthanized
NASH Klamath Falls, OR Struck By Vehicle
NIKKO Portland, OR Cancer
REXO Bethlehem, PA Cancer / Euthanized
LADY Fayette County, PA Cancer / Euthanized
ROCKY Heidelberg, PA Cancer / Euthanized
BAUER Montgomery Township, PA Bloat
KITO Quakertown, PA Unknown
HYCO Anderson County, SC Shot / Hostile Gunfire
BLUE Georgetown, SC Fire / Euthanized
RUGER Bristol, TN Cancer
HERCULES Camden, TN Natural Causes
ARGO Knoxville, TN Cancer / Euthanized
BIEKO Alice, TX Seizure
BRUNO Brownsville, TX Heat Exhaustion
ARGO  Hidalgo County, TX Cancer / Bone / Euthanized
TYLER Houston, TX Heat Exhaustion
JOLA Jim Wells, TX Heat Exhaustion
NEEKO Rockwall, TX Cancer / Spleen
DAYSI (MWD) San Antonio, TX Cancer / Euthanized
PEPPER Wise County, TX Shot / Hostile Gunfire
BO Woodway, TX Unknown
VOODOO Cedar City, UT Natural Causes
PAJKO Cedar City, UT Unknown
CAPONE Salt Lake City, UT Cancer
RYDER Martinsville, VA Tumor Ruptured / Internal Bleeding
REX Shenandoah County, VA Unknown
KUBO Virginia Beach, VA Cancer
KILO Derby, VT Struck By Vehicle
JAG Port Angeles, WA Cancer / Euthanized
HELIOS Sunnyside, WA Shot / Hostile Gunfire
BARNEY Tacoma, WA Inhaled Drug / Meth
JIMMY Tukwila, WA Struck By Vehicle
IKE Vancouver, WA Stabbed
WIX Brown County, WI Heat Exhaustion
PACKO Fond du Lac, WI Unknown
A-ROD Grant County, WI Bit Handler / Euthanized
REX Madison, WI Unknown
KENNY Milwaukee, WI Cancer
VIPER Pierce County, WI Infection
CHEETO Racine, WI Natural Causes
FRITZI Bath, WV Drowned Resulting From Vehicle Crash
ARTIE Berkley, WV Unknown
WILBUR Fayette County, WV Bloat
KOA Lander, WY Struck By Vehicle / Euthanized
HASO (MWD) U.S. Unknown
JONNY (MWD) U.S. Air Force Unknown
AKEEL Tunisia, Africa Shot / Hostile Gunfire
RUMBLE Australia Meningitis
TUNZA Mackay, Australia Unknown
VADER Queensland, Australia Natural Causes
NITRO Guelph, Canada Unknown
VISTA Niagara, Canada Cancer
MATRIX Saskatoon, Canada Struck By Vehicle
RILEY Winnipeg, Canada Cancer
NELSON Cornwall, England Unknown
DIESEL  Saint- Denis, France Explosion
? Germany Shot / Friendly Fire
GOLDIE West Godavari, India Unknown
LUNI Khammam, India Unknown
CHEETAH Kosapet, India Cancer / Breast
MANSI Kupwara, India Shot / Hostile Gunfire
REX Mumbai, India Liver Infection
BRUNO Ashburton, South Africa Stabbed

2014 (Total 188 )

TRACKER Skipperville, AL Shot / Hostile Gun Fire
J-R Irondale, AL Ruptured Spleen / Euthanized
BENTON Benton, AR Autoimmune Disease
CHEWY Little Rock, AR Tumor
ZORG Southwest, AR Natural Causes
IKE Buckeye, AZ ( D.O.C. ) Heat Exhaustion
DEUCE Tempe, AZ Natural Causes
DAX Colton, CA Cancer
TIMO Fremont, CA Blood Supply Cut Off To Colon / Euthanized
THUNDER Marina, CA Degenerative Myelopathy / Euthanized
BAXTER Reedley, CA Cancer / Euthanized
PETRA Colorado Springs, CO Fall / Euthanized
ZEUSZ Berlin, CT Cancer / Euthanized
HUNTER Hamden, CT Pneumonia
IKE Hartford, CT Unknown / Euthanized
MAJOR Orange, CT Struck By Vehicle
RUDY Rocky Hill, CT Unknown
WARDEN Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Causes
BUCK Brevard, FL Natural Causes
ASKO Casselberry, FL Surgery
IDOL Palm Bay, FL Cancer
CLUE Palm Beach County, FL Spinal Nerve Damage / Euthanized
ARGO Panama City, FL Lightning
COPPER Pasco County, FL Unknown
NERO Sarasota, FL Cancer
BARON St. Augustine, FL Drowned
DUTCH Tampa, FL Cancer
ADAM Clayton County, GA Brain Cancer
BRODY Conyers, GA Attacked By 3 Coyotes
MARCO Fulton County, GA Cancer / Euthanized
TANJA Lookout Mountain, GA Shot / Hostile Gun Fire
ANNIE Honolulu, HI Infection In Paw
OLD DAN Bettendorf, IA Cancer  / Spleen
SARA Motor Vehicle Enforcement, IA Struck By Vehicle
DASTY 1 Boise, ID Unknown
GOSH Chillicothe, IL Unknown / Euthanized
ATHOS Decatur, IL Bloat
SIMMIE East St. Louis, IL Heat Exhaustion
KOF Granite City, IL Cancer
JUSTIS LaSalle, IL Cancer / Pancreatic
ARON Plainfield, IL Natural Causes
ARRACK Fishers, IN Shot / Friendly Fire
LOKI Gary, IN Cancer / Liver / Euthanized
CARO Marion, IN Cancer
KODA Oolitic, IN Struck By Vehicle
BEAR Atchison, KS Kidney Failure
FIGO Johnson County, KS Natural Causes
DAX Salina, KS Unknown
ENZO Boone County, KY People Bitten / Euthanized
REX Houma, LA Bloat
JASKO Shreveport, LA Cancer / Ruptured Spleen
CHARIK Concord, MA Degenerative Myelopathy / Euthanized
MACHIKO Hopkinton, MA Bone Cancer / Euthanized
BRUNO Lowell, MA Bloat
NERO Pittsfield, MA Cancer / Euthanized
BUZZY Shrewsbury, MA Unknown
CAESAR Westminster, MA Enlarged Heart / Euthanized
SIREN Westport, MA Poisoned / Euthanized ( Rat Poison )
DANTE Massachusetts State Police Pulmonary Hypertension / Seizures / Euthanized
KALLIE Massachusetts State Police Cancer / Euthanized
QUEEN Hagerstown, MD Lung Cancer
LIBERTY Maryland Natural Resources Natural Causes
IKE Worcester County, MD Struck By Vehicle
MIKE Caribou, ME- U.S. Customs Unknown
BREK Charlevoix County, MI Bone Cancer
REMI Detroit, MI Vehicle Crash / Ejected & Struck By Vehicle
YOGI Grand Traverse, MI Unknown
DIAGO Livingston County, MI Cancer / Prostrate
MAXX Oakland County, MI Natural Causes
APOLLO Southgate, MI Aneurysm
URICH Blue Springs, MO Unknown
URAC Columbia, MO Unknown
BRUNIE Kansas City, MO Dysautonomia / Euthanized
JAX Lee's Summit, MO Intestinal Cancer
ZEUS Maryland Heights, MO Heat Exhaustion
IKE Brookhaven, MS Cancer / Euthanized
TOMI Hattiesburg, MS Surgery
BONA Pearl, MS Struck By Vehicle
SHEP Great Falls, MT Attacked Handler / Euthanized
TOM (MWD) U.S. Air Force Base-Malmstrom MT Heart Attack
MAROS Burke County, NC -U.S. Forestry Shot / Hostile Gun Fire
DIEGO Asheville, NC Surgery Complications
CLYDE Brunswick County, NC Natural Causes
KELA Duplin County, NC Heat Exhaustion
SULLY Graham, NC Heat Exhaustion
GIDION Greenville, NC Cancer / Euthanized
GORKY Mocksville, NC Shot / Hostile Gun Fire
KANYON Rocky Mount, NC Unknown
ARKO Wilmington, NC Cancer / Euthanized
RINGO Jefferson County, NE Cancer
EDGE Carroll, NH Cancer
TIL Salem, NH Cancer
EVAN Freehold, NJ Cancer
ANKA Glassboro, NJ Struck By Vehicle
DIOGI Holmdel, NJ Cancer
EVAN Monmouth, NJ Cancer
DANO Somerset, NJ Natural Causes
ARON Washington Township, NJ Unknown
ROXIE Woodbury, NJ Unknown
XERO Reno, NV Liver Cancer
JOHNNY Reno, NV Intestinal Blockage
HAWK Chenango County, NY (D.E.C.) Fire
NITRO Chenango County, NY (D.E.C.) Fire
ZANDO East Aurora, NY Unknown
RADAR Lewiston, NY Cancer / Spleen
AXE Middletown, NY Unknown
CHAZ M.T.A., NY  Unknown / Euthanized
HERO M.T.A., NY Degenerative Myelopathy / Euthanized
IBOR Newburgh, NY Unknown / Euthanized
PHOENIX Port Authority P.D.  NY Cancer
SENECA Westchester County, NY Intestinal Blockage
FALCO Butler County, OH Spinal Problem / Euthanized
JET Cleveland, OH Degenerative Spine Problem / Euthanized
TINA Dayton, OH Cancer
ARNO Fairfield County, OH Brain Tumor / Seizures / Euthanized
J Hacking County, OH Perforated Bowel
KID Hamilton County, OH Unknown
TJ Kettering, OH Surgery Following Dental Procedure
KARMA Lorain County, OH Heart Attack
BENY Medina, OH Heat Exhaustion
AMIGO Madeira, OH Unknown
BELLA Salineville, OH Unknown
NINJA Youngstown, OH Kidney Failure / Euthanized
WESSEL Lawton, OK Intestinal / Euthanized
KYE Oklahoma City, OK