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Member Benefits

We believe you will like the new and improved large number of benefits C.P.W.D.A. provides.

     Free seminars / schools instructed by national experts through out the year to sharpen you and your canine's skills.

 Daily K9 news articles emailed to members nightly.

 Eligible for a $2,000 grant for K9 equipment for your department  ( must be a lifetime member and CT K9 team )

 The C.P.W.D.A. will give $5000 to the family of any active member of the C.P.W.D.A. who is killed in the line.

 The C.P.W.D.A. will give $2000 to any department that loses a canine in the line of duty. This will include any K9 killed

     or so injured that a return to duty is not possible.

 You will receive a K9 memorial plaque when your K9 passes away.

 Networking with over 150 members.  That includes officers from NY, RI and MA. who are currently comprised of

     members of N.A.P.W.D.A., U.S.P.C.A., N.P.C.A. , etc.

   Eligible to win a $500 raffle for equipment at the end of the year.  

 Wasson Award Gift certificates will be given out yearly in the amount of $300.00 for the Winner, $200.00 for 1st

     Place Runner-Up, & $100.00 for 2nd Runner-Up. ( CPWDA CT K9 teams only )

 Master Trainers will have their yearly dues waived if they are certified by C.P.W.D.A. or national organization.    

   Updated C.P.W.D.A. roster emailed monthly to members with latest info for contact purposes.

  Certificates earned for workshops attended. 

  Discount off C.P.W.D.A. planned trips for it's members.     

  Membership card sent to members along with free C.P.W.D.A. decal and patch for new members.

  Access to C.P.W.D.A. website for your informational needs. Forms, event calendar, by-laws, announcements,

      seminar postings, articles etc.

  Minimum of four membership meetings a year for C.P.W.D.A. members to discuss ideas for the association.

  Facebook page for members and visitors. ( Connecticut Police Work Dog Association )

  Accessibility and direct contact with four C.P.W.D.A Master Trainers and numerous trainers to discuss

      training issues.


  For further details refer to By-Laws section.













































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