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Just A Dog
Author - Unknown
You say I'm "Just a Dog" then why would it be,
if you spell my name backwards god is what you see 
I have many jobs, one is protecting your life
or making sure your family's safe 
when that prowler is out at night 
I would chase down any man who hurt someone,
I would protect you with my life until my job is done 
I search for drugs in many different places,
I can pick them out of anything
even though they come in many different phases 
I can sniff out a bomb that might be in your child's school,
I would risk being blown up to make sure
your child comes home to you 
If you're hurt in the woods or just lost and scared
I will search as long as it takes 
to make sure your life is spared 
I am loyal to my master for they are first in my eyes,
 I will always stand beside them 
for we are partners till I die 
Of all these jobs that I do,
my most important is protecting you,
protecting your life with the risk of losing mine
even though I have never met you 
So after all these things that you read,
tell me when you look into my eyes is
"Just a Dog" all you see?










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